Creative Hourglass

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The glass sand timer hourglass is a great desk-top decor and conversational piece. Great gift for anyone.

1. 5 MINUTES OF REST - These elegant yet sturdy sand timers make it easy to track your work, measure your progress, and prevent burnout with a time out.

2. ELEGANT SAND TIMER - These sturdy borosilicate glass sand timers are simply gorgeous. The minimalist design will stand out on any desk, doubling as a decorative boost in your productivity.

3. ACHIEVE BIG GOALS EASILY - Breaking down your goals makes them easier to achieve. By turning your ambitions into small, you can spend your time wisely and reach your life goals faster.

4. STURDY AND STABLE - These solid glass sand timers are built to last, will remain stable and protected even when you're working in a busy coffee shop or cooking.

5. BE MORE PRODUCTIVE INSTANTLY - With this 5-minute sand timer, you can tackle your work efficiently. Break down your work into easy, efficient intervals.



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